Paul Cain "leaks" NEW images of the G&D!!

Keith Roger Beard Trinity

Randy Decker started conversations with Paul Cain. His Father had taken photos of the G&D at Cielo Vista Terrace.
He recently found some slides!! 
See them in the Photos section; 
He is looking for the negatives to do high resolution scans. Also for MORE slides! 
Very NICE! 
Keith Roger-Beard Trinity, owner,  9 Cielo Vista Terrace, Monterey

Randy Lee Decker

Russ Cain is credited in the book with the photo of the Gorre Live Steamers Club..  So some of Russ's photos will show work done near the end of John's life.    From what Paul (his son) told me, his dad was a professional photographer and John's layout was one of his favorite subjects and he ran trains and hung out with the crew. 
Paul will send along a nice history that will explain all this far better than I can, but I do know that Russ Cain had the "Buck Pass" railroad and layout that was built right after the fire and it became the go to layout for the G&D operators for some years after.
I have high hopes Paul can find many dozens of wonderful images and perhaps some personal shots of the guys and the house etc.  He told me he has tens of thousands of slides and negatives to go through so it might take some time but he has started it seems!   ...!  Fantastic..!    As importantly.... He is very interested in sharing his dad's photo's and help tell John Allen's story.  How wonderful that out of all the many friends of Johns and his fans who have sent stories and images to the GDLines pages, for the world to see, we only have ONE person who will not share John's legacy. This is proof that John had many good friends.     

I hope Russ will contact you Keith, so better scans can be made for the web site.   Anyway for what it's worth it looks like the fun will begin my friend..!  We all can't wait to see new stuff.     


Tom Hokel (Pine Ridge RR)

Thank you, Randy and Keith. What a great find! I'm really looking forward to seeing the new photos!