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Russell Courtenay

We’ve been handling things offlist, please do the same. All moderators are involved in this Group and care about its success, I hope the same of you. 

Russell Courtenay
Moderator team
July is national what month?

On Aug 6, 2019, at 4:32 PM, Jennifer Crock <e-mail@...> wrote:

This forum has already lost many long time members during the last year or so, due the nature of the allowed disparaging remarks.

Universal consider or all forums ......
Expect nothing from moderators on ANY forum.....except bias. If they are good and maintain a neutral civil exchange, that is great.....if not,.....well don't be disappointed, expect the lowest common denominator at all times, and then be pleased with higher standards are met.

On 8/5/19 12:35 PM, Don Mitchell wrote:
Randy has been told several times that the photos he's bugging me for do not exist.  It would be appreciated if someone could get this fact through to him -- and also remove his disparaging comments about me on this forum.  Frankly, I'm surprised, disappointed, and even somewhat discouraged that the moderator hasn't already taken action.

Don M.