More (the rest) from 1952 MR Handbook

Jeffrey L Witt

Greetings again group,

The second two articles have been posted in the same folder in the
Photos section (300 DPI jpeg 70 compression):

- The Gorre and Daphetid Railroad (1st layout)
- Mount Alexander (DG&H on 2nd layout)

From what I can guess, the 1st is a reprint of the Jan. 1948 MRR
article "Photo Report on the GD Line". The second is a reprint of the
Dec. 1949 MRR article of the same name. "Make a Lake" is a reprint of
Dec. 1948 MRR article "How About a Lake?". I don't know when
the "Miniature Figures" article was first published - anyone know?

I scanned these in color even though they are "B+W" because the
magazine is printed in a neat sepia-tone ink.

John was SO ahead of his time, and this book drives it home - some of
the other layouts profiled in the book are almost embarrasing in
comparison to the G+D and yet were included as top layouts of the day.

Enjoy the scans, and enjoy the season as well in whatever way you
celebrate it!!!


P.S. if anyone wants an uncompressed version for modeling purposes
drop me a note