Modeling Gorre Module.

Tommy Schwnn

Hi, I'm new to the G&D group and wonder if I could get some advice from you members. I was an ardent John Allen fan in my early teens back in 1948-50. After all these years I have gotten back in the hobby with a passion and my first mission is to try to model some of those wonderful scenes, Have any of you ever tried to build a layout like the first, small G&D? My plan is to start with about a 3x5 foot module recreating the famous Gorre scene. I have a John Allen FSM kit which will give me a good start. Plus a Scale Structures turntable kit, and a Timberline Colorado Midland Bridge kit which looks remarkably similar to Allen's straining beam truss bridge. But here's my dilemma as I try to plot out the module. First: I could really use some advice on the dimensions of the Gorre stone viaduct and any ideas on how to model the stone facing. I've practially worn out my copy of the Wescott John Allen book looking at the Gorre scenes. 1. Has anyone ever figured out the dimensions of the viaduct? If I could get one dimension, I may be able to plot out the others. 2. Any thoughts on how to model the stone? Would you carve it out of plaster? (Not sure of my artistic skills.) Or is it a mosaic of flat tiles, like cardboard chips, painted or plastered over? I've even thought of buying a bunch of tunnel portals out of the Walther's catalog, but haven't found anything that looks close enough. My second question is this: have any of you ever modeled the sttraining truss bridge? Again, if I could get one demension, I could probably plot out the others. And has anyone modeled the supporting towers in the center of the bridge? I know I could put together something passable out of dowels and scale timbers, but I'd really like to be as accurate as possible if anybody had any kind of drawing, photo or other reference. And one last small detail: do any of you know of a source for miniature bolt heads or nuts that fasten the timbers together? I've searched through a couple of catalogs and can't fine anything. Lastly, if any of you G&D fans have ever attempted to model John Allen's first G&D, I would love to hear about your experiences. Thanks, Tom Bartholomew