Hi All,

Thank you for the congratulatory notes on my MMR.  I obtained it about 2 years ago but didn't get to writing my little blurb in the NMRA magazine.  Just too many other things to do.  I finally got my home computer back to operational status.  I think it caught the computer version of the Corona virus!  It has been down for quite a while.  I will try to submit some updated photos of the Dry Gulch & Western soon.

David (Dry Gulch & Western)

Randy Lee Decker

David, hey just caught up with this thread.    This distinction MMR, is no easy thing.   There are many burning hoops of fire to pass through to satisfy the requirements needed.  After seeing some of your layout room photos recently it all makes perfect sense.
      Please do put up some of those newer shots you shared recently.  I'd bet there are many in this group who know of Tom Hokel's fantastic G&D work but perhaps not as familiar with what you have managed to create.   That High Steel Bridge is a feat in itself.   
Hats Off buddy...