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John Whitby Allen Birthday (1913)

Tuesday, 2 July 2019



Happy Birthday John .... we all miss you and your talents.Thank you for enlightening the path and showing us all the way.

Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...>

Hats off John.....!   
     You lit a creative fire under a kid who figured you for a Wizard since the very first.  That kid ended up learning and honing the skills, you inspired him to obtain, to the point he earned a good living from a satisfying job, often as a model maker for many years.   Today that kid has gotten of the hamster wheel of life and finds he still has the very same desire in him yet, to run a train on the G&D. 
   So now I will pay back some of the fun I have enjoyed in this life, so far, by having more fun and trying to recapture the object of my childhood dreams.  The dreams I found in your masterful, magical railroad line in Monterey. 

   Anyway that's my little story.  But far more fascinating is the fact that kids are still finding old articles, or the book your friend Linn wrote, or online publications of your work and you are still inspiring these kids and adults to take a closer look at the hobby and get involved all because of the amazing model work you did all those years ago.     Now that is a statement sir.     That is one hell of a legacy.       Happy Birthday John....! 



Beautiful salutation to our creative muse Randy.

Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...>

Thanks Russ,  ya have to admit just seeing photographs of his layout is still a far more alluring draw for someone to get into the hobby than the reading of any of the typical periodicals in print today.   Much of that work happened 50 and 60 years ago....  There's just no force like this guy in the hobby even today.  And all of the speculation aside.... the facts are; any of the great models from John's day just did not have the same memorable work to show off as John had in Monterey, so they never stood a chance for memorable longevity like John does.   
         My work is just a salute to John for the career I can actually attribute to him in great part.   it did not make me rich but wow I smiled more often than not driving to and from work for many years.  And the pride of seeing things that will be on display long after I am gone is a difficult worth to tally. 
       I will never capture the magic of his place...  I just hope what I am attempting turns out well enough that it adds to the vast archive of what he inspired in so many of us. 

       To still be spoken of and argued over is proof of his true status.