Jeff’s Taggart Transcontinental

Russell Courtenay

Done. Great, inspiring stuff here. 

Here’s the link to his YouTube channel:

Russell Courtenay
Solemnity and profundity are sublime in inequity. 

On Oct 18, 2020, at 12:48 PM, Tom Hokel (Pine Ridge RR) <PR-Line@...> wrote:

Hi Jeff,

Really great videos and photos of the TT! WOW! GREAT WORK! Love those ore cars. Super weathering and "damage." The green ore car looks like it's wearing fine scale wheels. I definitely noticed the Danagger sign.

You should add these to you Photos album. You could also put the video links in the Files section. How large is your layout?

Hey, Russell ... maybe you can rename the Topic for Jeff's stuff. I think it going to generate a lot of discussion, which has already started.


Jeffrey L Witt

Per Tom's request (I'm humbled!), I added those pictures and a couple more to my Taggart Transcontinental Photo Album, along with a track plan.



Randy Lee Decker

   You built yourself a fantastic and fun layout with all kinds of well done details and the all important G&D equipment running and rolling. I can't wait to have regular trains running myself.   Enjoy my friend.   


David Woodrell

Beautiful work, Jeff!  My question is, with all the time you have put in on the website and GD photo collections how do you find the time to model?!!!!!!

I'm sure I speak everyone when I say thanks to you for all the work you've done for us over the years.


Tom Hokel (Pine Ridge RR)

HI Jeff,

Great photos and fabulous work ... thanks for posting! Your track plan is excellent, too. It looks like you squeezed in some elements of the Timesaver. Bet this is a fun layout to operate. SUPER NICE!