Hanging the Diesel

Russell Courtenay

We had the track cleaner version of this MDC diesel, those little sandpaper pads were pretty useless, we used old pencil erasers because even the old fashioned ‘Bright Boy’ abrasive blocks were so rough they’d leave scratches in the railhead which would make contact even worse!

In O scale I plan on using Dead Rail (battery powered R/C) to avoid all these issues. It costs a few bucks (well a LOT of bucks) for each engine but I only have 3 engines now and plan a max of 8-10 so converting over several years it isn’t bad. 

On Jun 23, 2019, at 8:27 PM, Kurt Youngmann <tgobbi@...> wrote:

The unit to the far right and 2 more at the rear look like Model Die Cast / Roundhouse original diesels, the one that was built for the B & O and bought by other railroads as well (the CNW had 3 of them for use in downtown Chicago switching areas where steam wasn’t welcome).

I had bought one years before DCC and, when I made the conversion, I was never able to get a DCC-friendly motor into it. So it sat idle until I dismantled my layout and dispensed with 50 years + of equipment. 

Kurt Youngmann

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Hang the diesel salesman.... hey there's a good idea for we steamer types......Damn JWA already did that. Oh well, diesels are the seeds of all evil so I''ll all number all my diesels 666. <IMG_1086.JPG>

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