Greg Komar Dry Transfers

Jeffrey L Witt

Hi John (and a reminder for everyone),

"Greg Komar Dry Transfers" has two different sets of Gorre and
Daphetid dry transfers available in HO, N, and O (sorry, no S but HO
and O could be adapted, right?).

Ordering and contact info. is at the end of this message.

Here is what is available for the G&D. Note that both sets can be
viewed in the "Photos" section under "Komar Dry Transfers".

G&D 320 Gorre & Daphetid - "Generic" Set. Will Letter Multiple
Steam Locomotive, Passenger Car & Caboose.
White Lettering And Heralds For Multiple Cars.

G&D 388 Gorre & Daphetid - 1937 AAR 4-ft Boxcar, Series #5600.
White Lettering & Herald On Boxcar Red Car

I have posted Greg's catalog in the files section as both text and
Excel spreadsheets; he has LOTS of great stuff.

I hope as many of us as possible will patronize Greg as thanks for
helping to keep the G&D alive (and no, I don't get a cut ;) ). These
were out of production, and thanks to pre-orders from this group we
were able to convince Greg to re-issue these, and he released the box
car set as a bonus!!!

Thanks all,

Jeff Witt

Ordering Information:

Greg's email address:

Send a Check or Money Order, payable to:

PO Box 340871
TAMPA, FL 33694-0871

G&D-HO-320 or G&D-N-320 @ $6.95 ea (Generic Passenger/Loco)
G&D-O-320 @ $18.95 ea (Generic Passenger/Loco)
G&D-HO-388 or G&D-N-388 @ $3.95 ea (Boxcar)
G&D-O-388 @ $6.95 ea (Boxcar)
Shipping & Handling (per order) = $3.00

Set #320 will letter multiple pieces of equipment.
Set #388 will letter one boxcar.