Gorre and Daphetid Railroad discussion - Digest #393

Karl Woodcock

Thank Anders, and apologies guys. Over enthusiasm on my part. Great fan of Keith’s work on the figures……

….. now where did I put that catalogue?


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Re: Bosco figures




Re: Bosco figures
From: AndersE
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2020 14:23:24 PST

Karl, look five messages down and you will see a reply directly from Keith in message #18099 where he announces his comeback to this group.

Regards, Anders

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No problemas, Karl. Enthusiasm is a good thing! I've already been in contact with Keith for an order. Unfortunately he informed me that raw material costs are up three times since 2010 (the catalogue in the Files section). For me that means I have to let Emma go, raw materials + freight to Europe + tax + customs she would be way too expensive. Will have to solve tricky switching operations in some other manner. I think Keith is going to put together a list of the figures he is offering.

Regards, Anders

Charles Roger Camplin

I found my Emma, a stegosaurus, on eBay some time ago at a reasonable price.