G&D Piker using Greg Komar Dry Transfers

Jeffrey L Witt

Hi Group,

I FINALLY got around to trying out the Greg Komar dry transfers, and
I have to say they are GREAT!! They go on easy, over rivet details
and seams, etc. and are sharp and clear. If anyone hasn't bought them
for any reason, my advice is to get some for that next project!!!

I sealed them with dull-cote as recommended, but I always put a coat
on as a base for weathering chalks anyway.

There are pictures posted in the Photos section, and full-size ones
in the Files section. My camera doesn't have the resolution to get
the small text, which is perfectly readable on the model, and says:

Built in memory of John Allen

I know the "Piker" is a non-prototypical (whimsical) car, but I like
to think that John would approve, especially since I got it for a
closeout price at my local hobby shop.

By the way, I used $1-a-can spray paint (brown primer and satin
black) from Dollar General, and with a light touch it doesn't obscure
the details (one of these days I'll get a new compressor for my


Jeff Witt