G and D, Bay Area Modelers, Biography Channel?


Yep, real ALL the archives yesterday. Really great about your find on ebay. I always wanted to make up a pass for my railroads.

This is not a very talkative group but has an amazing bunch of posters, many associates of the man himself! I really think Mr. Allen would be a good subject for a movie on the Biography channel.

One of these days I'll get back to the bay area and see if Bob Dupont's Penninsula Hobbies is still around. I remember meeting or seeing many of the premier Bay Area modelers there in the late seventies, most of them modeled On3 and wrote articles in Narrow Gauge Gazette it seemed, that's how I got my start in HOn3. I have recently moved to my original choice O scale; On18, On30 and Ow60 (standard gauge).
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From: "Bob Burgoyne" <cxsnut@...>
Welcome to the G&D Group. Check the archives for past messages about the
surviving parts and pieces of the G&D. Several, including the current owners
of John's former home have told of their memories.
A big smile and
then a short story about Johns personality and operating with him on his
That kind of history I only wish we could "can" and save for the future.
Last year I was lucky enough to recognize some original passes for the G&D
and DG&H in a group auction on EBAY. I took a chance and upon arrival they
turn out to be original. I have seen passes for the G&D from time to time,
but not the DG&H. It appears he photographed his original artwork and
reproduced it in photographic prints, then cut them out. State of the art
for the time. Black and white prints, signed in blue.


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