Failure to receive group messages

Dale Smith

Just a note to let you all know what I found out about not getting Bob's message containing photo 13.  It was rejected by my email and is shown as "bouncing" on  This can be serious as will suspend all delivery if you get enough bounces.  The reason for the bounce was that the message size exceeded the limits for my email service.  I checked and Comcast, ATT and Yahoo Mail all set 25 MB as the limit for messages.  That message must have been close to 75 MB as it contained the 22 MB tif file for #13 as well as two copies of the 23 MB #12.  I have no idea how that happened, but I am surprised if anyone actually got that message by email. trimmed down the attachment size in the archives, per our group instructions, but still had it there in full size for downloading the message link.  In the future, we just have to be careful in sending large attachments.  (By the way, I still couldn't see the attachment in emailed photos, even though I gave it all night to load.)  Also, when responding to messages, sometimes the response will repeat the photos of the original sender, which can add to the size of the reply message.  Quoting text works fine, but we need to delete any repeated photos in our responses if possible, not only to avoid this bouncing problem, but to avoid duplicate photos in the emailed photos archive. Thanks,


Mark Cartwright

Good Information....
When you click on the mountain and star rectangle...
The system will import the picture full size to your document.
Click on Edit and a <-> will show which allows you to resize the document.
The above photograph is of my secondary train room which WAS to be HO Scale...but for now at least I have decided to leave the room be for storage and concentrate on the main room

The above photographs are 200x133 ...I am not sure of the MB size but my posts seem to get through....(that is if moderators allow them).
Thank. you for the heads up.
:)) Mark