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And make sure your straight edge doesn’t actually touch the acetate or the ink will bleed under it. Get a straight edge or triangle that is designed for this purpose, or just add some tape on the underside away from the edge.

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Just make sure you empty the ink out of the pens and rinse the head. Pull the weight out (this is where you find the wire in the tube) and rinse everything with water. Let it dry then you can reassemble the pen - and maybe bend the wire!

If you do not clean the pens after you finish using them, you will be throwing out the expensive heads.


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Roger this could be...   Good point.   Much I could do on clear plastic sheets in my printer as well.    He must have figured out something because even with the best of talents to do these the time to make a thousand of these will be a JOB....   

Hey Nigel..   I just ordered a couple of pens and a set to see how I can do with these.    Christ these get expensive for professionals... Mine will dry up in the tube once these windows are done.        But many thinks...  Excellent information here.    Fun trying to figure out what seems a simple process..  Old School..  I am finding this whole project fun...   


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