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Bob Friddle

Wow that’s a good friend indeed, Russell! As I understand it there are also devices that allow you to control the DCC features on a DC layout, some thing you could consider adding on Randy. Just having a couple of locos with sound on the layout would make quite a difference.

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Something to remember if you are staying with DC: DCC dual mode decoders also work in DC and vastly improve the operating qualities. Here is a video of my only On30 DCC loco running in DC, the last few seconds is a demonstration of crawling from tie to tie. 

It runs flawlessly slow and smoothly like I have only seen in HO DC locos with precision motors and carefully built drive trains. Difficult operating qualities is why I didn’t stay with HO and HOn3 in my experiments in the ‘80’s

Since this time a good friend gave me an entire Digitrax DCC system, just have to figure out what to do with it, I don’t really like its panel of 100 buttons...

Russell Courtenay
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With DCC it is dangerous to NOT use an auto reverser.  You can get situations where out of phase track ends can effectively result in double the track voltage to an engine bridging the gaps.  (Lost three decoders in a short time due to this problem at a local museum layout).  Auto reversers apparently work fast enough that any situation of this doubled voltage is short enough to be safe for decoders.


By the way, the museum uses Digitrax (I forget who for reversers and “frog juicers”).  I think the majority of our crew recommends NCE.  I recommend NCE.


Charles E. “Chuck” Kinzer


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Total is $3000.     


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