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Bob Friddle

Yes, that’s the one. Appears to be pulling a four wheeled flat car full of milk cartons. 


Bob Friddle, Minneapolis

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On 5/18/2020 10:49 AM, Bob Friddle wrote:
OK I am just stunned! My daughter forbids me to say it, but these are just so AWESOME! The lighting and clarity and detail, and new vantage points and oh my...what is that contraption right in the center of slide 4? I don't have the memory that some of you have but I don't remember seeing it ever before?!?!

  Are you talking about the 4-2-0 on one of the stub tracks off of the
turntable? Looks like one of the early steam engines brought to the US
from England? I think I've seen it in a couple of photos before, but it
hasn't been photographed as much as John's other engines. I think it's
just another of his tongue-in-cheek whimsy models.


                 Rick Jones

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