Emma the stegosaurus

Russell Courtenay

I don’t know about Europe but those toy stegosaurus (stegosauruii?) have been pretty regularly available around here since the 50’s I’ve heard. 

I have an O Scale one I found in the bargain bin at our local grocery store. 

Russell Courtenay
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No problemas, Karl. Enthusiasm is a good thing! I've already been in contact with Keith for an order. Unfortunately he informed me that raw material costs are up three times since 2010 (the catalogue in the Files section). For me that means I have to let Emma go, raw materials + freight to Europe + tax + customs she would be way too expensive. Will have to solve tricky switching operations in some other manner. I think Keith is going to put together a list of the figures he is offering.

Regards, Anders

Keith Glaab

I am glad you found an dinosaur for Emma because  I don't offer one of those in O scale.

HO scale stegasaurus, I think the Emma I offer is pretty close to the pictures in 'The Book'.  Unfortunately, I have not found a matching stencil to complete her numbering, or harness as John Allen presented her, or at least to match "rivet counters" (scale counters?) I talked to at the shows like the National Narrow Gauge Convention and NMRA meets that we used to & hope to again, attend.   

I appreciate everybody's support.
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Ken Dodge

I've been passively following the interest in Emma the stegosaurus, and have a question.  Does the interest lie in reproducing John's Emma as closely as possible, including size, or does it extend to finding a stegosaurus toy/model that would most accurately represent the true size of a stegosaurus, around 9 meters long, in HO scale, e.g., about 3.75 inches?  Just curious...


For me it is about getting a close match for Emma. Finding a toy stegosaurus of some kind is not difficult with the craze kids have for dinosaurs. But is a question of finding one small enough and reasonably realistic. One way or another I will get an organic switcher.


Randy Lee Decker

Emma is a bit of an icon for some of us.   So it stand to reason that there would be differing levels of preference for "accuracy" concerning our modeling of her.    And this is true of any modeler and any type of modeling....  Some are happy with a train running an oval on a sheet of plywood others want total prototype accuracy.   For me it is funny because I indulging my skills in recreating a freelance railroad that even included some whimsical characters like Emma but I am making a hyper accurate museum quality rebuild so my desire to reproduce with prototypical correctness is all there but my real world subject matter is a fictional model railroad.        I don't know I find it all interesting and funny and satisfying all at the same time.   


Ken Dodge

Randy, I think you've summed up the general feeling that most all here ... including me ... have regarding Emma.  It's definitely the goal to replicate Emma as closely as possible as John created her, including size regardless of whether he took any effort to model her in a realistic size.  With that in mind, what's the consensus on Emma's actual size, either in scale feet/meters or in inches?  I assume her size has had to be extrapolated from photos of her, or did anyone ever get the chance to actually measure her?

Randy Lee Decker

Hey Ken, she is almost exactly 3" length and 1 3/8" height.       randyleedecker @   

Randy Lee Decker