Jeffrey L Witt

I am very interested, Mike.

I actually bought two of the Spectrum doodlebugs cheap ($20) on EBay
for just this purpose (one of many projects that I will get to
someday). They are still available, though lately the price seems to
have gone up a bit.

I will review articles for pictures, but one series I know for sure
showcases the "gastronic" is the two-part March/April 1971 "RMC
Fantrip on the G&D" series, which I have.

I also got one of the RMC "Ramsey" cars (a specially painted Athearn
heavyweight observation) that were used in all the "fan trip"
articles of that era. The one used on the G&D fan trip was different
from standard colors, as it had the roof/running gear painted
gray....does anyone know if John did this himself? I plan on painting
mine to match.

Anyway, for now I posted (under "Files") a cropped, uncompressed
picture of the doodlebug from the cover of Paul Mallery's "Design
Handbook", which is the same shot used on the cover of the March 1971

Put me down for 1 or 2 and I will hunt up some more pictures to help
the cause. Keep us updated on any progress!! You may want to start
a "sign-up" sheet in the "Database" section where folks can add their


Jeff Witt

Russell - Idaho USA <cottonwoodhobbies@...>

I would be extremely interested in an O scale version, even if it is just
the sides. Isn't it pretty easy to scale laser cutting to any size you need?
Russell - Unknown1 - Idaho USA
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