Digest Number 40

Joe Melhorn <joe@...>

I'd need a minimum order of 10 sets @$6.95 each for HO,
or 10 sets @$9.95 each for O-scale to make a run.
The artwork for this set is generic and as you know,
will letter multiple passenger, caboose or locomotives.

I've also been thinking of a doing a boxcar specific
set for the G&D. This would be a smaller set, and the
minimums would be: 10 sets @3.95 each for HO, or
10 sets @$6.95 for O-scale.

I'll buy 2 sets @ $6.95 ea HO
and 2 sets @ $3.95 ea HO

Please let me know when you need the money. Is a check OK? I also sent this direct to Greg