Diesel salesman; was Re: Any Ah ? Whimsical, ... vs Hoarding to Layouts never completed.....

Mark Cartwright

Duh Me.....
Airbrushed out the Diesel Salesman ?
Well I won't be seeing My Layout on the Cover of The Model Railroader.
It't not a 4x8 ....
which often adorns the front cover of the Model Railroading Magazine.
Perhaps another Truth....
From 2012 to 2017, I did an Oops thing...
I went around buying Other People's Layouts often at 10 cents to the MSRP $
This resulted in a lot of crap I don't actually need for my next layout (and some of it doesn't even function.)
>>> I seriously doubt if most Train Store Salespeople actually have a Layout at Home.
A Learning Process ?
Well Duh me !
Not sure what to get rid of next..but Thank you Costco and Home Depot for Totes of Yellow and Black.
No Telephone !
No Television !
What do you people do ?

We Model Railroad.
I particularly like The Model 
Railroader Magazine to prior ?
>>>. The Advent of Television.
:)) Mark

Well....If I am not a pilot...
Then why did you go up with me? - Smother Brothers.

I have plans for an Airplane into the side of a Barn for My Layout.

Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...>

Mark is there a reason you'd  start a new topic every time you respond?   Curious