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Russell Courtenay

Hmmm Mark, that was a bunch of interesting links. I had my phone connected to the Roku while trying to play them so the family got a taste of the wacky hilarity that is certain members of this group!

On The Cover of the Rolling Stone. 
I was 8 when this song came out and not enamored with the Hippie Movement (it was pretty washed out and deep in addiction by 1972) but we loved this song and danced to it in school despite its raunchy depictions of rock star life. I didn’t realize it was written by fan of the band Shel Silverstein.

To try and wrestle this back on topic: Dr. Hook did get on the cover of Rolling Stone (in unnamed caricature form) almost exactly 2 1/2 months after Mr. Allen died and about a week after it peaked on the pop charts.  

As for the other clips? Well, I guess now I’ve got to watch Secondhand Lions...

Your meanderings are quite unique Mark, quite unique...

On Jun 19, 2019, at 9:42 AM, Mark Cartwright via Groups.Io <marcdecapri@...> wrote:

Duh Me.....
Airbrushed out the Diesel Salesman ?
Well I won't be seeing My Layout on the Cover of The Model Railroader.
It't not a 4x8 ....
which often adorns the front cover of the Model Railroading Magazine.
Perhaps another Truth....
From 2012 to 2017, I did an Oops thing...
I went around buying Other People's Layouts often at 10 cents to the MSRP $
This resulted in a lot of crap I don't actually need for my next layout (and some of it doesn't even function.)
>>> I seriously doubt if most Train Store Salespeople actually have a Layout at Home.
A Learning Process ?
Well Duh me !
Not sure what to get rid of next..but Thank you Costco and Home Depot for Totes of Yellow and Black.
No Telephone !
No Television !
What do you people do ?

We Model Railroad.
I particularly like The Model 
Railroader Magazine to prior ?
>>>. The Advent of Television.
:)) Mark

Well....If I am not a pilot...
Then why did you go up with me? - Smother Brothers.

I have plans for an Airplane into the side of a Barn for My Layout.