the house on irving st - was A REAL Sneak Peek - GD #2 Gallery plus more is ON LINE!

Kurt Youngmann

Linn Westcott describes the house in detail in The Book. It makes one wonder what a designer might have had in mind when building it. Or, maybe, it originally had a different configuration with later changes. (That was the case with my first house).

Many years ago, on one of my frequent trips to Monterey, I looked for the house only to find that it had been razed. Nostalgic old man that I am, I’m always seeking remnants of John’s life. Every time I visited my old aunt, now deceased for close to 15 years, I drove past the house on Cielo Vista Terrace just to satisfy that nostalgia. It was less than a 2 minute drive from the aunt’s home.

The crisis we’re living through gives us a lot of time for reflection...

Kurt Youngmann


"Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies." - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche