FW: [GandD] 4-10-0 John Allen Tribute Locomotive

Randy Lee Decker

Hey John, and yes that fast train was run by Dick Reynolds, not John.  This was very early and on layout #2.  I am sure john had a talk about this kind of unrealistic speed at some point.   today all we see is one movie shot, taken from one train running, out of thousands of trains and as many days and this is what is remembered. 
    Dick shot some of that very early footage in the movie as well.  I think he set up the silly humor shots of trains being eaten with John as well.  ??  not sure  ??   Nothing wrong with it, but it is not the typical John Allen operations realism I am sure John would rather people remembered him for.        Either way these must have been fun times for these guys. 


John Mills

Thanks for posting the link. Nice to see the G & D in operations. I didn't realize how fast they ran some of those trains! Looked like that last train was going about a mile an minute! It seemed way too fast for a local freight on a mountain line!

John Mills

John Hutnick

How many here have built a replica of this locomotive?  Descriptions of the builds and photos would help.

John Hagen

I repeat. The original #34 is seen for most of the first 30 seconds of this video.

Its late, I’m 77 and suffer from CRS.

So, yes, I do forget somethings, like including video links when they are needed.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

John Hagen


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The original #34 is seen for most of the first 30 seconds in this video.

John Hagen


John Hagen