more on the san francisco cable cars

Kurt Youngmann

There were several things in the film that I hadn’t remembered.

I didn’t realize that there were streetcars in San Francisco that far back, but several are visible in the film along with the overhead wires.

There was a turntable at the end of the cable car line, right at the Ferry Building, that was used to turn the cars.

There were more automobiles than I recalled. (And less horse poop). <G>

Notice how there’s no traffic control. Although a policeman is seen at one point, the traffic (vehicular and pedestrian) is helter-skelter. You’d expect to see people hit by vehicles the way everything looked up for grabs.

A bit of a side note: the Metropolitan Opera of New York was on tour in San Francisco at the time the quake hit. The famous tenor, Enrico Caruso, was knocked out of bed in his hotel room by the quake and was so frightened that he refused to ever return there.

What a great bit of history this film is!

Kurt Youngmann

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