Bridges over Great Divide

Russell Courtenay

Don’s photo of said bridges over Great Divide Yard. 

On Jul 16, 2019, at 10:20 AM, David Woodrell <dwoodrell@...> wrote:

Hi, Don,

Very interesting to hear your stories about operating on the layout.  I'm a little confused, though, about the following comment you included in your last post, "in the days before trains were run up to Angels Camp."  Looking at the "Big Book" map on pg 84-85 the only way I can see that that would have been possible was if the bridge sections over Great Divide had been completed and the line connected to Angel's Camp?  I guess there was a string discussing this a while back and maybe even a few pictures showing it in place but I've never heard that the line up there was ever included in his operating scheme.  Can you elaborate?

Thanks.  Keep those memories coming!!!