Mavica FD Cameras

Steve Wesolowski

I just joined this list and want to agree with Keevan Burnside:
If you can afford one, a Sony FD Mavica is nice, esp. for $170!
5+ years ago I bought an FD-5 for $300. 2+ years ago I bought an
FD-95 when they dropped below $500: its 20X Digital Zoom & multiple
higher resolutions help with model photos (vs no zoom on the FD5).
With pictures recorded on FDHD floppies, at home I soon copy them
onto my hard drive. I re-use floppies many times. With no film costs, I
shoot more pictures: sometimes quick/marginal pics turn out best.
I don't usually VACAtion with my computer. So, the least expensive
50+ floppies I suddenly NEEDED & bought at Office Depot in Anchorage,
AK last May were EASY to find compared to other media, so I didn't miss
ANY pictures I wanted, floppies cost $20. A second battery is useful.
steve w