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Darryl Huffman

Galen asked:
Also, (from an ebay user standpoint) why were the top two bids only
$5 and 2 seconds apart, and so very much higher than any other bids?
Most people who use EBay a lot, also use a service called ESnipe.

You see the Ebay item, open esnipe (I keep mine on my toolbar) and tell what
you are willing to bid. Esnipe logs on at the last couple of seconds (mine
is set for 6 seconds) and enters your bid. This avoids having a lot of
people get into a bidding frenzy, thereby running up the price.

Darryl Huffman
Anchorage, Alaska

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Out of curiosity, I'd really like to know from the person who
purchased the pass, (in this forum if they are a member of the group)
why they were willing to pay that much. Was there some personal
connection, or was money no object?

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