Engine House in N scale


JL Witt wrote - "Since at least one of the group members (Clarke
Warren) is using the article to build from (in N-scale, no
less!!!) I wanted to provide the best detail possible, disk space
and bandwidth aside. How is construction coming along, Clarke?"

Thanks very much for asking - I'm about to the point of getting
up the nerve to start. I've been all winter/spring
scratchbuilding in my best Gand D style some western
buildings/industries to support the edge of a small town, and a
logging and mining area. The mine is the Tomopah - from the 3
part MR article in the fall of 1959. I'm 6 weeks into it and
fixing it to the layout this week. Yes - I spend all my time with
a large magnifier light. This was all done to bring my
scratchbuilding abilities to the point of attempting the
Enginehouse. It will sit in the first corner a person sees as
they enter the larger section of my layout - so will be VERY much
a "foreground" industry. Needs full interior, etc.
The articles print beautifully - I just scaled a set to N - I'll
definitely post some photo's when done.
Few people seem to know about the connector branch between Denver
and Gorre in the '30s...

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