G+D Komar Transfers

Jeffrey L Witt

Hi All,

First, Happy New Year!!! Hope you all had joyous holidays.

It looks like we should just go ahead and send checks, and forget the
database. There are others outside the group who are ordering also. I
am surprised there hasn't been more interest from within this group.
If Greg doesn't get enough to make the minimum on some items, then
perhaps we can post for some more orders at that time, or maybe some
enterpising e-Bayer will roll the dice and buy some.

Please read the following from Greg - looks like N-scale sets are
available, too. The files he refers to are in my Yahoo briefcase:

I will be sending my check this week (only for HO stuff, sorry Pat).

The following was from Greg Komar:

These files will give you a better idea of what these sets are like.
Thanks to those who have sent in their orders...

A very Happy New Year to all!

Greg Komar

Send a Check or Money Order, payable to:
PO Box 340871
TAMPA, FL 33694-0871

(I'll hold your check until I get enough orders to make a production

G&D-HO-320 or G&D-N-320 @ $6.95 ea (Generic Passenger/Loco)
G&D-O-320 @ $18.95 ea (Generic Passenger/Loco)
G&D-HO-388 or G&D-N-388 @ $3.95 ea (Boxcar)
G&D-O-388 @ $6.95 ea (Boxcar)
Shipping & Handling (per order) = $3.00

Set #320 will letter multiple pieces of equipment.
Set #388 will letter one boxcar.

Peter T. Prunka <trains@...>

Just sent my check for N-scale sets (total of five sets).

Peter T. Prunka
Rex Pellinore V , President
Avalon, Tintagel & Santa Fe Rwy.