A look at my latest layout plan

Russell - Idaho USA <cottonwoodhobbies@...>

[Sorry about the multiple post]

I have shut off most of my groups and am still getting over 100 emails a day. Having a hard time reading them all. Gonna stay with you guys though....

But here's my latest trackplan:


Not much to do with the 'Timesaver', but that is what I was thinking of. Will it ever get built? Who knows, but I hope to get at least a small section done sometime this summer. Plan on doing it all handlaid code 100 leftovers from HO....

Originally designed for On30 or On18 and 18x96", it is now adapted for standard gauge and 24x120". Loops can be added to each end and another four foot section can be added to make the passing track usable for a whole train (instead of the timesaver's 'less than 3 cars') so the total layout length can be 28'!! I might make a couple of tracks in the city section dual gauge for my smaller equipment. Drawn in AppleWorks (also available for Windows), it was converted to a .gif for all to see.

Could be useful for traction also, but all I really wanted was a small layout between the sectional track loops so I can run my new Weaver O scale 2-8-0 around and this is what I got!

Please copy me directly with questions or comments.

Russell - Idaho USA


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