Re: OT AHM O scale 0-8-0s

Russell - Idaho USA <cottonwoodhobbies@...>

Really 'monsterous' looking! And it is amazing the detail in this kit: The third cylinder and it's crosshead guide (under boiler) and valve gear (in front of cylinder saddle), even the booster truck under the tender has most of it's detail! Too bad my $50 wonder won't even roll as a dummy helper! The valve gear has been repaired with a little excess glue.

Next to narrow gauge they would indeed be an imposing sight!

Would have loved to see these things operate, alas, I was borne too late ad will likely never make it to see Chinese steam in my lifetime.

I guess that is why we model, huh?

Russell - Idaho USA

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From: RE: [GandD] Modeling the CSP in Dec. 77 RMC, lots of O scale
Incredible timing that you
write because I've been penciling out
how they would look as 0-6-0's: darn
cute brutes. Remind me of
those heavy 0-8-0 and 0-6-0s they used to use to
haul copper ore
out of open pit mines. I've also been thinking of a 2-8-8-0.
I do
some On30 and having one of these "monsters" in the background
really set off the small size of the On30 equipment.


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