Re: sway back boxcar or reefer

Alan <alans@...>

John wrote a two part article (Aging and Weathering Cars and
Locomotives) in Model Railroader for 12/55 and 1/56.
The swayback car method is described in the 1/56 issue.
They were reprinted in a book called 'Classic articles from Model
Railroader' published in 1980.
Does anybody know if there was ever an article by john allen on
to make his sway back car.
has anybody on this list attemted to duplicate one,
successfully !!!!
Follow up on the gorre daphetid pass at final selling price of
on ebay. In final couple seconds the winner ( colg886 ) bid higher
top price( $300-400) he would pay, over $260 than the underbidder
who,s maximum was only $260.00 thats how it works. They do not
to use a sniper program, try counting backwards from the time

I sold some extra mdc roundhouse gorre daphetid on ebay year or so
ago and he was the top bidder on one of my devils gulch and
cars i had for sale, which at that time sold for $138.06, truly
phenominal for a $5 plastic car. Price went from $72 to $138.09 in
last 10 seconds, i was flabergasted.

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