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Galen Gallimore


How about this for meta-thinking - selective compression of another
model railroad! I like your ideas, and wanted to suggest a few of my
own. Perhaps a person could pick a few favorite scenes from the G&D,
either favorite photos or track sections (LDE's) build them, and
arrange them, diorama style, around a room. Sections of track could
then be filled in to link the scenes with either a return track of
sorts or baloon loops on each end.

Or, you could do one scene in particular, such as a set of bridges on
multiple levels, (one of John's greatest contributions to layout
design, in my opinion) and provide appropriate turnbacks or helixes
on either side of the scene. This could be a great showcase for G&D
rolling stock.

I think the best idea you have suggested is the smaller layout for
traveling purposes. I'm part of a modular club and have been
sketching designs for a module or set of modules. Space and track
allowances for modular design are very restricting for someone who
loves grand scenery like John built, so perhaps a free standing
portable layout might better capture this aspect for the public.

How about this: some lost and forgotten branch of the G&D (It is a
fictional line to begin with) or DG&H for those narrow-minded (ha ha)
people out there, as a portable layout. Scale would best be in HO or
On30 for transport purposes, but if you've got the room then why not
go Gn30? The plan could be as simple as a basic loop, or multiple
overlapping loops with smooth running equipment slowly making the
laps. Here's the kicker - the scenery is floor to "ceiling". That's
why multiple loops could be cool. Perhaps track at 30", 45" and
60". Tunnels and bridges galore, with little towns clinging to the
mountainsides on one side and a huge cityscape on the other. Crowd
control would need to be creative to allow viewing and keep little
(or big) fingers from poking, prodding, or pilfering and maintain
viewing. Forced perspective could also come into play heavily as the
heights are ascended to give the layout a taller appearance than it
is. Throw in a good sound system or cassette loop and I bet it would
be a huge draw at shows. A real opportunity for sharing with folks a
great hobby in the style of one of the masters.

Also, thanks to everyone who responded to my email regarding the pass
on ebay. I did not bid on this one and I agree with those who find
it hard to put a price on such a valued piece of model railroading
history. However, I think any of us would be honored to own one.


Galen Gallimore

--- In GandD@..., Russell N.Idaho - USA
<cottonwoodhobbies@m...> wrote:
There have been several G&D layouts displayed in the pages of Model
Railroader over the years from N to On3 I think.

I have been thinking lately; what could be made of the g&D in O
scale of a size that could be somewhat portable? I came up with a
design of the original G&D line in O scale with 36" radius curves
that fills an area of 9x16 feet. Since most of the trackage on the
original layout was within 15" of the edge, this layout could fit on
6 -6'8"x30" hollow core doors arranged in a rectangle and use foam
rubber 'rollable' scenery to fill the 'hole' in the middle of the
layout. An additional section could be added for the engine house and
turntable and possibly another for a 'Timesaver Town'.

Though it couldn't compete with the shear grandure of the mountain
terrain of the final G&D, in O scale the little table top layout
would become quite grand indeed!

I think it would be an interesting exercise in modeling a prototype
that was SMALLER than the model. It could be taken to shows around
the country and display an appreciation of an amazing modeler's work.

I have been designing small layouts for years and really believe
his original layout was one of the finest designs to make full use of
a small space for operation, running and photography.

Russell - Idaho USA


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