Other G&D Layouts

Russell N.Idaho - USA <cottonwoodhobbies@...>

There have been several G&D layouts displayed in the pages of Model Railroader over the years from N to On3 I think.

I have been thinking lately; what could be made of the g&D in O scale of a size that could be somewhat portable? I came up with a design of the original G&D line in O scale with 36" radius curves that fills an area of 9x16 feet. Since most of the trackage on the original layout was within 15" of the edge, this layout could fit on 6 -6'8"x30" hollow core doors arranged in a rectangle and use foam rubber 'rollable' scenery to fill the 'hole' in the middle of the layout. An additional section could be added for the engine house and turntable and possibly another for a 'Timesaver Town'.

Though it couldn't compete with the shear grandure of the mountain terrain of the final G&D, in O scale the little table top layout would become quite grand indeed!

I think it would be an interesting exercise in modeling a prototype that was SMALLER than the model. It could be taken to shows around the country and display an appreciation of an amazing modeler's work.

I have been designing small layouts for years and really believe his original layout was one of the finest designs to make full use of a small space for operation, running and photography.

Russell - Idaho USA


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