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Hi Gang, I do remember that each time we made a trip to the house for
salvage efforts, there would be some vandilism and there was even a
second fire. This did not help the situation at all. I would doubt
that any part of the layout would be on display without massive
restoration. Which would make it someone elses work. We did try to
save the French's Gulch area that appears in the Book "Scenery", but
it fell appart when we pulled it from the wall. The layout was not
built to be moved and was totally built around the house. I bet Keith
Beard can add to that. Several of us did salvage things, but they
were blackened and any plastic was melted. The lead in all the
locomotives had melted down onto the track destroying the mechinisms
and gluing the wheels to the rails. Castings fell of also. Our best
salvage came from items stored in other parts of the house. Mainly
projects. I do still have the original Sqwabottom station. It would
not be in good taste to post pics of it in the condition that it is
in. John worked hard to creat the illusion that we are familure with.
Up-close examination may destroy memories. Happy New Year, Keith

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That's too much! It is now beginning to make sense. It's hard to
imagine life without the Internet.

Let us know what you find out about the original slides.

In February of 1970 when I was stationed at Vandenburg AFB, I
the G&D. John was very gracious and ran the trains for us for about
20 minutes. I always thought that I would be back for a much longer
visit. Exactly three years later I found myself living in Southern
California only to find out that John had died and the GD destroyed
by fire.

Back in 1984 I wrote Jim Findley a letter asking him several
questions about the G&D. One question that I asked was, "Was
[underlined] saved from The GD Line? I just can't believe that
everything was destroyed. Maybe thrown out - but not destroyed."

Jim wrote back, "Members of the G&D operating crew who live in the
Monterey area tell me that the house was vandalized (unoccupied as
was) several times after the fire and that helped preclude anything

I was crushed and couldn't imagine how Jim and others close to John
must have felt. I'm glad that Jim wasn't totally correct.

I thought that I had read somewhere (MR or RMC), years ago, that
original G&D section was salvaged and in some hobby in Monterey. Is
there any truth to that? If so, it's a well kept secret.

Glad that you are participating in the GandD group.

Happy New Year !

Tom Hokel

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That is my Dad....I will check to see if he remembers if he still
has the masters...etc....Keith Beard

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I purchased my set of 40 G&D slides from Paul Beard, c/o West
Slides, San Pedro, CA sometime around 1984. His ads ran in
issue of MR under the "For Sale - Miscellaneous" section. I'm
sure when his last ad ran.

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