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Hi Keith,
Thank you for your reply. I guess you are the neighbor that I heard
bought the place. The local rumor was that a neighbor bought it and
rented in out. Thank you for letting us know the straight story. I
know it was vacent for many years. I wanted to buy it, but was too
young and could not swing both family and a restoration project. I
bet it was a sad thing to tear the remainder of the layout from its
resting place. Thank you again for sharing this with us and Happy
Holidays, Keith
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The house sat vacant for many years (I grew up down the street). We
it and fixed it up, it was never rented. We lowered the floor in the
basement due to not enough headroom for living space (big job
breaking up
the cement and heartbreaking job of tearing out what was left of the
layout!!). It is now my workshop/storage etc. I am not into
modeling trains
but certainly know what John and his layout was. My brother does
with the local club that works out of the old train station in
Salinas, he
also is building a ride-able steam engine.
ps I will try to get a pic posted of a control panel that may be of

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Hi Keith, this is Keith in Fresno, Long time Monterey resident.
you building a railroad in the old house? I know the house was
over during restoration. And it was rented for many years. Did
wall off the un-improved area under the house where the layout
Happy Hoildays, Keith

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