GD Original Pics - Group Album

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I set up a new photo album called "GD Original Pics - Group Album."
This album is for all of us to post "orginal" pictures of the GD. For
example, I posted the GD Timesaver picture (with Allan Fenton) to
this album. We could set up other albums, such as GD - MR, GD - PFM,
GD- RMC, GD - NMRA Bulletin, GD - MDC, GD - Varney, etc., which would
contain scanned pictures of the GD from these publications and

A word of caution though, we need to be sensitive to copyright
issues. With the exception of PFM and Varney, these enterprises are
still in business. This also applies to scanning articles. If in
doubt, receive written permission from them.

Tom Hokel

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