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Greetings G&D fans,

I recently acquired original passes for both the G&D and the Narrow Gauge
DG&H of John Allen fame. They are photographic prints and appear to be
signed by the master himself. They were part of a larger collection of
vintage MRR passes I purchased on EBAY. While not listed in the description
the attached photo for the auction appeared to have these passes, and as
luck would have it they were.
Does anyone have experience with these passes? With his photographic work in
the press, and the timeframe involved, it makes sense that he would use that
medium to reproduce his passes.
As a side note, any idea of their actual value? No, not interested in
selling. Regardless of their worth, the link to the past has the most value.

Thanks Much,
Bob Burgoyne

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Unfortunatly Allen Fenton passed away in August of 2001, Glenn
Joesten now has the timesaver, see the link included:


Dave Salamon
N Scale - Deep River Southern

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