Timesaver picture

Jeffrey L Witt

Hi all,

WOW - great activity and surprises over the last week - a big thank
you to all of you!! Hopefully those slides can be posted !!!

Here is a link in which the gentleman on the right is identified as
Allen Fenton (I will add it to the links page):


Here is the caption:

Here's the original "Timesaver" layout built by John Allen (together
with its duplicate twin, built by Bill Corsa shortly after the
original miraculously survived the fire which destroyed so much of
Allen's modelling) and seen on working display at the NMRA Convention
2000 in San Jose. It was owned by one of the original Gorre &
Daphetid operators, the late Allan Fenton (right); current plans are
to donate the original layout to the NMRA Howell Day Museum, while
the copy twin of the original is to go to the San Diego Model
Railroad Museum.

Happy New Year!!


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