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Hi Keith, this is Keith in Fresno, Long time Monterey resident. Are
you building a railroad in the old house? I know the house was worked
over during restoration. And it was rented for many years. Did they
wall off the un-improved area under the house where the layout was?
Happy Hoildays, Keith
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Hi, this is Keith in Monterey. I live in John's house.
When we bought the place we found a box of slides and my Dad got in
with someone which (I believe, been awhile) resulted in a series
articles in
one of the model RR mags. I am not sure if we have any of the
slides left, I
will ask him, but he has moved several times and has had a stroke
ps I have part of a salvaged control panel if someone is curious in
identifying it. How do I post pics???.....Keith

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Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 08:04:00 -0000
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Subject: G&D slides

about 15 years ago or so, not for sure the exact time. I saw an
ad in
the back of MR for a 40 slide set of the G&D, which I purchased.
today I pulled out the pack of slides and with it came a letter
from the G&D and a sheet with a description of each slide. At the
it says that there is enough slides to do another set, they said
enough interest they'd produce them. Does anyone know if they
did do a second set? And if not what ever happened to all those
slides? The company was or is called West Coast Slides from San
Pedro, California, I can't seem to locate them using the internet
yellow pages.

Dave Salamon

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