Re: G&D pass for sale

Tom Hokel (Pine Ridge RR)

Thanks for the link, Russell.

Here’s some interesting info about the GD pass. I have pass #418. (eBay price $63 in 2006 ... I know!) It is one of John’s early passes, with rounded corners and “140 Irving, Monterey, California” printed along the bottom.


After John moved, he trimmed off the address and made square-cornered passes. Until I compared the two the different passes, I thought John simply trimmed off the top corners. But that’s not the case, because the top of the logo diamond and the left and right markings are the same distance from card edges.


The upper left reads “HO guage” … yup … a typo.


The paper was very unusual … not sure what was used, but have to believe that they were professionally printed.


The Pine Ridge RR pass, shown in my album, is obviously a knock-off of the G&D pass, albeit with rules printed on the backside. I designed it years ago using PowerPoint and a photo of my original PR #42. Now that I finally restored #42, I printed new passes. I used 140 lb. paper and made both “Gold” and “Silver” passes.


I used to beat myself up for not asking John for a pass during my visit in 1970. A few years ago, I read that John ran out of passes around 1964 and stopped having them printed. I think the time and postage involved in mailing/exchanging passes was killing him.





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