Re: Model Railroading With John Allen Expanded Edition | eBay

Warren Jones

I bought it tonight. Thanks for the hint.
I just wish that someone had give me a hint about who the photographer in  Monterey was that liked to have GI's come down to his model train layout when the First Sergeant at  HHC ISG USACDCEC FT ORD CALIF told me about him when I arrived there in July 1968. I had just returned from 18 months in Okinawa during Lyndon Johnson's Southeast Asian war games and was interested in getting to know my daughter who was born 10 weeks after I left. I had no idea who John Allen was. Being a cook I saw the first sergeant every day I was on duty  as he came in for coffee  every morning and afternoon and I totally forgot he had told me that until after I was out back in Utah and found a Model Railroader in the supermarket following the Golden Spike 100 year celebration. I watched trains pass dad's farm ( now I-84 ) all my life and was woke up at 4:30 the first morning after being born by dads friend a UP engineer who always blew the whistle to tell dad he was passing by. This was a quarter mile west of where the 1941 picture of Big Boy 4019 cooling the train brakes was taken.

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