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Bob Friddle

Thanks for sharing this link and fascinating story for us, especially any of us that have let their NNRA membership lapse. I don’t know about you all, but I get goosebumps just looking at the stuff! 50 years later, who would’ve thought? So glad they donated it to a good cause. I treasure my few pieces from Keith and will see that they are revered in my family for many years.

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From the NMRA eBulletin July / August 2020

eBulletion sent to NMRA members about events involving the NMRA for those who may not know.

In other news, we have received a donation of items salvaged from the home of noted model railroading icon John Allen after the fire that destroyed his home shortly after his death decades ago. These are being catalogued.  Some will appear in the "Magic of Scale Model Railroading" exhibit at the California State Railroad Museum, some will be preserved in the NMRA archives, and the remainder will be offered for auction only to NMRA members.  Proceeds go to the Howell Day Museum Fund. Details will appear on our website, as well as in a future issue of NMRA Magazine and in a special NMRA eBulletin which we expect will be published in a month or so.  This is a rare chance to own a piece of model railroading history, so keep your eyes open for details.

Matt Hosford
Wurn & Whythyrd Lines

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