Re: A REAL Sneak Peek - GD #2 Gallery plus more is ON LINE!

Tom Hokel (Pine Ridge RR)

Thank you, Jeff and Randy for all your hard work ("labor of love") and expenses on this project! You are supremum "preservationists" and we all benefit from that!

The photos are great and that color shot of layout #2 is really rare. The #60 gas-electric is under construction. 

In the third paragraph of the "Glenn" home page, it says, "John lived on 140 Irving Street on timed Cannery Row, which was shut down in those days."
What does, "on timed Cannery Row" mean? Does it mean that the days of Cannery Row were nearing an end?

I checked out the location on a Map app and found 141 Irving Avenue. Across the street was indeed a parking lot and nearby was the aquarium. What a great location!

Thanks again ... really looking forward to more photos!

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