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I see that now. 

Looking at this small photo of a USRA Light Mikado, it appears very similar to D&G #40 (without the second sand dome) and mine appears to be closer to a USRA Heavy Mikado (larger boiler so shorter stack and shorter height from top of boiler to top of cab, dual air compressors on pilot deck instead of fireman’s side), though my tender looks pretty close from pictures.

Big Mike 2295, our local preserved 2-8-2, also appears to be closer to a Light Milado with an extended smoke box and other differences. Drat. 

This photo was late in Big Mike’s career when he was used as a switcher and helper in Southern Idaho generally. 
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The HO 2-8-2 from “The Satchel” seems to be a PFM United Built AT&SF 2-8-2 imported in 1956.  It is listed at BrassTrains at:


There are many photos there that might help you detail the engine and tender to match.  For example, you’ll need another sand dome!


Charles E. “Chuck” Kinzer


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So I don’t have much hope of recreating much of the G&D in O scale but I recently broke the budget and bought an old Hines kit-built 2-8-2 from the ‘50’s. I believe it was built quite recently by the abundance of Phillips head screws used. 


Unfortunately, it is nothing like any of our local UP 2-8-2s so I started looking at other prototypes and found it is a near perfect match for G&D #40 (and therefore the early Mantua HO models) by removing the feedwater heater.


I will need to build a different tender also. #40 was quite camera shy so the best photos I’ve seen of it are from The Satchel photos from 2010. Talk about a sad folder to look through, I just couldn’t look closely at some of them...



Attached it the seller’s photo of my loco, I haven’t totally unpacked it yet because I am trying to get my outdoor track loop built, I am taking a break from ‘important stuff’ today and just dreaming with my new copy of The Book. No wonder I call it the Snails Pace Railroad... 🐌 

Russell Courtenay

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