Re: John Whitby Allen Birthday (1913) - Thu, 07/02/2020 #cal-notice

Tom Hokel (Pine Ridge RR)


John Le Forestier coined the term JAM ... John Allen Memorial breakfast and led the charge to celebrate John's Centennial Birthday on July 2, 2013. John Allen supposedly liked strawberry jam on his pancakes. Le Forestier encouraged G&D Group members to post photos of them celebrating JAM. Some are still in the Photos section.

See message #11269 and work forward from that to get a better idea of the "happenings."

When we switched to IO Groups, I added the JAM date to the Calendar.

I celebrated with my version of the popular AT&SF French toast. I have the recipe, but my wife made me trim down the calories; however, I did bake it. What a treat! My wife wrote JA with syrup and created the powdered sugar GD diamond. I'll be celebrating tomorrow. I'll repost my photos in the Pine Ridge RR album.

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