Re: John Whitby Allen Birthday (1913) - Thu, 07/02/2020 #cal-notice

Mark Cartwright

Is it alright to say I had Aunt Jemima Pancakes with Cherry and Strawberry jam with a side of Mrs Butterworth's ?

Not to distract the subject...but have you ever had Grits on an Amtrak Train ?
Did it just 10 years ago and it made the whole trip!
Like a vist to New Orleans, yet I was in Oregon.
Grist in restaurants tend to loose their culture by the time they are served up in Arizona.

Now I hear Amtrak plans on getting rid of their home cooked like meals.
Damn ...Just as I was about to get over the loss of Harvey's.
:)) Mark

My Mother took me on my first train ride on the Santa Fe in 1963 over to Richmond, California.
And one of the best experiences of my life.
We had pancakes.

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