Re: John Allen Exhibit Part 2 of 3

Randy Lee Decker

That photograph of John is just one of those images that is engrained in his story now.  I know it often is the first image I think of when speaking about him.      To know you had the foresight to ask about that photo years ago, before Linn's things went to Kalmbach and the rest of the things he had for the book that are now gone, was a stroke of genius.  
  If you ever find the time…   Please take that photo out of its frame and get as high of a resolution scan of it that you can so it is better preserved digitally.    It would be nice to see it on the GDLines memorial pages.  And your story of obtaining it to go along with it.    

Kurt....   I believe we had a fun conversation about John and his influence on so many modelers some time back.    I wanted to mention that I have been communicating and sharing model work with Kenichi Matsumoto from Japan recently.   And when I think about it.... just the fact that two craftsmen, located almost exactly halfway round and on opposite sides of this planet are having a blast speaking of John and working on models that honor John Allen's talents and reanimating what he built.   Kenichi is many years older than I and our only connection is in model railroading and specifically John Allen.      

I find this funny little interaction between two craftsmen from totally different regions and cultures an amazing part of John's story.  And proof that John's creative spirit is still alive and well and circling the world to this day nearly 50 years after his death.    Now if that don't bring a smile to anyone who reads it.            



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