Re: John Allen Exhibit Part 2 of 3

Kurt Youngmann

The photo of the April ’73 MR cover means a lot to me. When the magazine first came, I immediately contacted Linn Westcott to request a copy of the original. He obliged me with an 8 X 10 which even today hangs on my basement stairway, leading down to where my layout used to be. It has faded some over the years, but it’s still there for me to see every time I go downstairs. The layout is long gone and memories of John have largely faded as well which is why the G & D group is important to me - it’s an almost daily reminder of this part of my past.

Kurt Youngmann

On Jun 16, 2020, at 11:28 AM, Andrew Novak via <rtd1121@...> wrote:

During the summer of 2010, I vacationed in San Diego. These photos were taken of the John Allen Exhibit at the San Diego Model Railroad Museum on August 19, 2010. 

Andrew Novak


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