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Russell Courtenay


I have been following this thread with great interest as an SP fan ‘but I was just a kid’, not a collector, so all the SP collectibles my pattens bought while riding the Daylight were simply played with till there was nothing left to save. 

I remember original Sunset Magazines (the magazine of The Daylight, my parents still subscribed to it into the 80’s), some kind of fragile China trinkets, cards, stationary, I think we even had a coffee set. 

I particularly grieve over the set of beautiful Daylight playing cards with scenic SP scenes on them that looked like they were printed with 1920’s color printing technology. I remember looking through them with wonderment then later when we learned how to actually PLAY card games, several were missing. 

I hate to admit it but I think their last stand was on bicycle spokes to make motor noises in the early 70’s. Hadn’t thought about those cards in years till I read this post, thanks Randy. 

Russell Courtenay
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On May 26, 2020, at 11:01 AM, Randy Lee Decker <randyleedecker@...> wrote:

Yes indeed John.... and I must admit the SP advertising campaigns were really an impressive thing.  The depression era B&W image of the men with suitcases and the SP billboard in the distance has become one of those iconic images of the time.   I think Johnny Cash and perhaps even Tom Petty used that image on albums or videos....    Anyway in researching the SP had these TWO campaigns combined in many color images during 1952-53-54... (primarily) the "ITS FUN" and "Next Time Try the Train" were in many of these type ads of those years ….   This cartoon character is totally unique in any advertisement from SP........ the character seems like a character I have seen before…...  but I checked all the great Looney Tunes, Warner Brothers, Disney, Hanna Barbara etc etc cartoon characters I can find and I can not find that face, not even close, anywhere. 

Many of the old magazines that sit in boxes..  people have been cutting up for years as the dozens of various advertisements or articles all cut out, are worth far more than the magazine itself.   eBay has thousands of ad's from the SP right now running... but mixed in I find interesting "Mailers" or even "Children's Menus", and so many "brochures" and they all seem to have enough value that they are left uncut and sold complete.   I am guessing this little character is hidden in one of those interesting brochures printed by the SP back in around 1953....
     For example; there is a brochure of hand drawn characters in one of the passenger train tourist foldouts/booklets called "Wonderful Way West" it is one of these small booklets of several pages or even the photographic paper covered albums of scenes along the SP where pages would not be cut out... and large enough that every page would not be shown in an auction...  My guess is this type of printing is where this little treasure is hidden and why I have not found it yet.  
I could go broke buying all these collectable items trying to find this is where I hope one of the guys in here might be an SP fan... and perhaps in a small collection of ephemera they might take a look and discover this character and his train...   If I just have the year and the name of the booklet I am sure I can eventually find one right on eBay.   

So thanks for the help gentlemen and keep your eyes open at train shows for me.   This seems it would be an interesting search for anyone who is a railroad fan or model railroad fan or G&D fan etc.    Who does not love a good mystery. 
John has sent us off on an egg hunt.   



On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 12:26 PM John Gallup <johngallup@...> wrote:
An image search produces some interesting results, including a famous Dorothea Lange photo; apparently "Next Time Try The Train" was an ongoing campaign.

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